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Our founders are MIT-trained data scientists, who have spent their careers solving some of the most challenging problems in data science and mathematical optimization. The team not only has contributed academic research that has helped define how data science is studied and taught but also has implemented countless novel techniques and models for the benefit of many companies across sectors.
P2 stands for “Predictive” and “Prescriptive” analytics, combining our expertise in machine learning and robust optimization. Here at P2 analytics, we believe that the power of data lies in transforming its insights to concrete actions. Through data science, we develop easy-to-use software tools to enhance your firm’s bottom-line and achieve your desired objectives.

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At P2, our top priority is delivering the top-notch, high-impact tools and service for the companies with which we work. We pride ourselves on solving some of the worlds most complex analytics problems in a tractable manner, through technological skill and innovation. Moreover, we define ourselves by a collaborative, inclusive, team-oriented environment. If this sounds like an environment in which you feel you would thrive, we look forward to hearing from you!
If you are looking to join our team as a data scientist or a software engineer, please send us your resume and a cover letter at: careers@p2-analytics.com

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Spencer Gusberg
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Senior Data Scientist


Design, develop and implement machine learning algorithms for future predictions, including investigating predictor variables to boost prediction accuracy, implementing machine learning algorithms such as random forest, CART, SVM, Neural Networks using R and Python; data cleaning and conditioning, depending on the client’s data structure and database design; collaborate with backend and frontend resources to develop dashboards, including coordinating database design and data availability to ensure best performance for machine learning algorithms, designing and communicating visualization with the frontend resources and pushing production commits to backend developer team and coordinating functional and unit testing; communicate with clients, meet stakeholders, present progress, solicit feedback, and coordinate next steps; bid and design proposals for potential future clients, including renewals of existing projects.


Master’s degree in machine learning, data analytics, computer science, mathematics, or a related field, including master’s degree coursework involving developing and deploying data-driven algorithms and managing datasets in a relevant programming language (e.g., Java, R, Python).

TRAVEL: Occasional client visits for discussing project progress--less than once week per quarter – Nationwide

REMOTE WORK: Remote work from within the New England-area is permitted Hours: 40/week, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Location: One Broadway, 14th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02142

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