P2 Analytics builds technology to convert data into better decisions.

From data to actions

The data surrounding your business activities hold keys to unlocking value in your company. P2's software facilitates this process, enabling you to transform your data into actionable decisions to achieve optimal outcomes on an ongoing basis.

Predictive and prescriptive

P2’s technology solutions embed machine learning models (predictive analytics) for variable forecasting within large-scale mathematical optimization models (prescriptive analytics). These tools allow us to go beyond forecasting to generating concrete decision recommendations.

Strategically and tactically optimal

P2’s software offers decision support for both tactical, near-term actions, and strategic, overarching approach, decision-making optimality. Capturing both types of decisions allows for maximal value capture from collected data. Moreover, it facilitates optimal long-term plan execution, promoting a best set of immediate actions in reaching a prescribed strategic goal.

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